Gravel grinder / tyres rim width.

Discussion in 'Parts 'n Stuff' started by chrischris, Mar 22, 2017.

  1. chrischris

    chrischris Likes Dirt

    I've turned my rigid SIR9 into a gravel grinder. I've just set up 24mm internal width rims with Ikon 2.0's front & rear. (tubeless)

    Thoughts? They've been fine so far over 50kms. I used to run 2.2 Ikons quite routinely for XC stuff. I figured dropping 200g for the gravel grinder would be a good move.
  2. creaky

    creaky Likes Bikes and Dirt

    Are you asking for opinions on a good tyre width for 'gravel grinding' ? Really depends on the terrain and how much sealed road you do also. For gravel grinding on a CX/road bike I'd be running 28s to 33s. If you are talking about riding mainly on rough firetrails etc. then the 2.0s would be much better.
  3. LPG

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    Depends on the surface you ride and how heavy you are. If you want reduced rolling resistance on rougher surfaces then wider is better. To get the same performance with a heavier rider you want wider tyres. Wider tyres will be better for comfort and control as well.

    If you aren't constantly accelerating, braking and maneuvering around things rotating mass doesn't make all that much difference. Gravel grinders tend to be ridden at fairly consistant effort so you don't really get much any notable increase in performance by reducing rotating weight as you would riding a technical trail or road racing where riding involves more sudden acceleration.

    Rim width is fine for that size tyre.
  4. slippy

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    No problemo.
  5. chrischris

    chrischris Likes Dirt

    Yep - rough firetrails. Some are smooth, most not. I guess my question was more based around a narrow-ish tyre on a 24mm internal rim.
  6. Calvin27

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    Sheldon cooper says it's ok.

    Personally though I run 35c for my gravel grinder and 28 if I cbf swapping wheels.
  7. The Duckmeister

    The Duckmeister Eats Squid

    On 24mm rims you could safely go down to 33mm CX-type tyres, but I wouldn't advise any narrower.
  8. silentbutdeadly

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    My thought is that's a fat gravel grinder. I'm running 38 mm Challenge Gravel Grinder tyres on some OE Giant Pxc2 rims (19 mm internal) for our long long sandy rock dirt roads on a Niner RLT. Even on Great Dividing Range fire trails I'd be happy with this combo. So your rims would be even better. I'd singletrack those no worries!
  9. chrischris

    chrischris Likes Dirt

    Well - that's my basic idea. I can dive into some single track if need be. Maybe it's better classed as somewhere between gravel grinder / XC.
    But I must say that those 2.0 Ikons at 35psi don't provide the best cornering!
  10. Daniel Hale

    Daniel Hale Likes Dirt

    for gravel grinding I don't like cx tyres, bit too soft & wear too quickly, 2 choices imo

    get some hard/tough 28's/30's or go for around 40-42, check out the tyre cannondale put on their slate
  11. creaky

    creaky Likes Bikes and Dirt

    Basically what you have setup is a 29er with flat bars and (now considered) skinny tyres, yeah ? 5 years + ago that was just a normal 29er setup.

    Are you running drop bars and tall gearing ?

    I think you're pussy footing around, either:

    1. Whack some 2.2s on there and call it a bloody mtb; or
    2. Put some 38c gravel tyres on there with a 48T or 50T cog.
  12. bikeyoulongtime

    bikeyoulongtime Likes Dirt

    on the OP question - yeah, your tire/rim combo should be fine.

    for some extra guff: I'm using vittoria revolution city 35s (graphene ones) on 19mm internal rims - for singletrack, gravel, commuterbeasting, on pretty much a purpose built CX race bike, curly bars and all.

    Thoughts? a bit heavy but lots and lots of km and 0 punctures, which was the main aim. They're a bit sketchy cornering on singletrack when it's loose sand/small gravel, but fine on fire roads and hardpack singletrack. I'd happily ride them on any firetrail I'm brave enough to point the CX bike down. Hell, they've been down Pork Barrel at Stromlo (cautiously). Been thinking of a file tread CX tyre with winter coming, waiting for Vittoria to add some G+ tyres to their knobby range - the revolutions have been that good.
  13. gonzo2

    gonzo2 Squid

    I'm running Challenge Gravel Grinders 700 x 38. They are on 17mm (internal) width rims, the tyres are about 36mm wide. I popped the tyres on a set of WTB KOM 23 (23mm internal) rims and with the 5mm wider rim, they only went to 38mm wide.
  14. asterix

    asterix Likes Bikes

    I'm in a similar position to the OP, having built up a rigid Stumpjumper 29er HT to do longer rides & commutes on. I'm planning a 200km ride in April that'll be about 70% bitumen & 30% gravel. Would those Challenge Gravel Grinders mentioned above be a good choice or should I opt for something more road orientated? (they'll be on Stans Crest rims)
  15. gonzo2

    gonzo2 Squid

    they're pretty sweet on the road and I really think not that much slower. The tread in the middle is pretty fine/smooth. I did a ride out of Bilpin on them to wiseman's ferry and around. 200km, 50/50 gravel/sealed. I was really happy with them.

    It depends what the gravel is like though. We regularly ride out towards bathurst/oberon way on the roadies and hit gravel on 25's (GP 4000s). Some sections are amazingly fast ie everyone goes nuts and sprints. Then you get closer to the Blue Mountains and there's rock chunks and you can only do like <15km/h for fear of all the bolts falling out.
  16. bikeyoulongtime

    bikeyoulongtime Likes Dirt

    Those gravel grinders look pretty sweet - how do the knobs go on tarmac corners? I've always found CX tyres with good side knobs to be a touch squirrely, trading confidence on dirt for confidence on tar.

    I've swung the other way with my vittorias but I reckon I'll try something like the gravel grinder next...

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