GT Sensor 1 Vs Giant Anthem X1 2010


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Not sure if this belongs here or in general MTB discussion (mods feel free to move)

Basically I'm down to these two bikes. I am looking for a dual suspension XC bike that can also handle some shorter (40Km) recreational rides.

For my budget $4000 or there abouts I cant seem to find anything that will fill the same spec sheet.

Whilst the Anthem 2010 X1 will provide full XT running gear including wheelset and Rockshox Sid forks. I cant seem to pull my eyes away from the Sensor 1.

I would provide a link to Giants website but they appear to only have the 2009 bikes up.

From where I sit the big difference in spec I can see is the Fox Front fork and WTB rims on the Sensor Vs the Tubless XT rims and Rock shox fork.

This presents me with a quandry:
The GT gives me slightly more suspension travel at 120mm but Wtb Speeddisc rims. The Giant gives me Lighter forks and Xt rims.

This then poses the question, what do I want from my new bike?
I am looking for a bike to do the occational 100Km endurance event and regular weekend XC 40 -60 Km rides. Acceleration and hill climbing/pedal efficiency is top priority. I ride a Hard tail and want to preserve as much effiency as possible whilst gaining the advantages of Dually's.

Suspension travel is not an issue as big jumps are not my thing. I do want something a little bash proof as I am not the most technical rider when it comes to log crossings/ drop offs etc.

This is where my Question is?
Do I sacrifice the 400gram weight saving of the SID and surity of the "XT" name on the wheel for extra suspension travel and my lack of experience with the WTB product.

thanks in advance for your opinions and help.


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I currently ride a GT marathon with the speed disk wheels. The wheels seem ok and handle the trails pretty well. In saying that, i have had one pretty major "off" that did send them slightly out of true. For my style of riding however, they are more than capable. The XT wheels seem to be getting great reviews and would probably be better.

If you like the look of th GT so much, how about bargaining with the bike shop to change over the WTB wheels to XT?

Some people might suggest that the GT is a "K Mart" brand and not to go near it. Each to their own, however on a bike worth 4K i doubt that is an issue.

That sensor does look sweet though...


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You could always check out how much a set of spokes/XT rims/built XT wheelset would cost (online or LBS) and decide if spending the extra money to replace the wheels on the GT is worth it for you. Keep in mind having a second set of wheels comes in handy (for slicks or just spares) and that you could also sell them to recoup some of the cost.

Also - I like GT bikes. I think they're pretty darn good these days (especially the higher spec ones)


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hey mate, personally i would pick the bike depending on the frame.......i wouldnt worry about the running gear as much cause your always going to up grade and brake stuff..... the frame is most important to me regarding to purcasing a bike. i havnt had much experience with GT bikes but i know Giant make top notch Frames and their linkege design (maestro) is fantastic.
i would test ride both frames and see which one you like best.
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Thanks for the reply's guys

I have thought about the wheel swap option as the Sensor will rrp at $3900 and the Anthem is $4300.

two things eating at me at the moment is I cant seem to find any info on frame weights for these two bikes.

Also (this is now a personal thing no Facts here): I get the feeling buying a giant is kinda "copping the easy option" if that makes sense. I just get the feeling the Giant is like going the hotted up Commodore with body kit when going shopping for a sports car. Its still a commodore that everyone else has.

Is my prejuduce misguided or is a more widely held view
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Is my prejuduce misguided?
Yes a little bit. I do agree that there are alot of Giants around, but they really are good bikes.

I own an Intense M6 and a Gaint Reign and AnthemX. Both Giants are really great bikes. My Anthem is built up at 10.9 kgs and pedals really well. Its light and nimble but still quick when it gets a little rougher.


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take em for a test ride, can't judge a bike by it's looks. Most of us will like differnt things about the bikes we have/have had. Only way to really tell if it's the bike for you is to ride it. Yep, bit hard to test ride the sensor at the moment.


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If you want the extra travel, maybe you should be looking at the trance.