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When posting a product review thread be sure to give it the relevant prefix for the thread title. When posting a new thread above the text box where the body of the post is created there is a text box for the thread Title. When posting a thread in the Rotorburn reviews section you will also see above the Title text box a drop down menu for the Prefix. Always choose Product Review when you are reviewing a product (well, d'uh!)

Please use and follow the template as listed below. Having a simple standard and guide will give a bit of structure to the reviews, assist with readability and ensure that all the relevant information is provided. Product Review threads that do not use and follow the template will be removed.

Purchased From:
Purchase Price (approx):

Pros -
Cons -



An approximate price is all that is required if the person posting the thread would rather not discuss (or cannot recall) specifics. Usage refers to what you've done with this product; the kind of bike it is on, the kind of riding you've used it for and how long you've been running that item - or information to that effect. Pros and Cons are simple, a sentence on what the greatest positives and greatest negatives are in relation to the product being reviewed.

In the comments section 2-3 paragraphs is about the right length but if you'd like to write a PhD on your product, go for your life. If you believe that the product you are reviewing is a total piece of crap, feel free to say so but be sure you have reasoning and argument to back that up. All opinions and reviews are those of the people that post them and do not necessarily reflect the views of Rotorburn staff and management.

If you can manage to supply your own pictures or video footage of the product you are reviewing that would be best - photos or video footage of the item in use, on a set of scales or with swimsuit models (gender of your choice) are optimal! If you cannot provide your own pics that is fine but please search something suitable out and provide in the thread.

This mode of posting is for product reviews only. It is not to be used for reviewing services, riding locations or rotorburn moderator performance!! Products can be anything relevant to mountain biking such as complete bikes, frames, components, protective gear, apparel, bike racks, tools, lubricants, sealants, bike racks, bike computers, lights or even earphones that you find work well for the purposes of riding.

Check this thread for an example of an acceptable product review thread -
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Is there a template to give the red heading? I'm a little 'challenged' and may have missed it. Planning one for the new Gripsport rack.