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Another vote for the EDC 100. Works a treat and looks smashing, if you like lime green:)

I own the EDC pump and my fork is threaded for the tool; maybe I should buy the actual tool to put it in either orifice...


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I've got the oneup and wasn't a fan of it. The head didn't keep a good seal while pumping.

I'm a big fan of the Topeak morphs, in particular the turbo morph g with the dial gauge. Most of the morphs are rebuildable and spare parts are available. Have you checked the o-ring in the shaft and whether its got any lube?

A cheaper but 90% as good option is the Giyo morph copy https://www.cyclingdeal.com.au/buy/giyo-portable-bicycle-bike-mini-air-floor-pump-wit/GM-71


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Sorry for digging up an old thread, however I'm in need of a new mini pump to go on the frame.
My Topeak Mountain Morph died when it got soaked on my commuter (ride a lot in the rain)

I was thinking about the oneup 100cc
However I would not use the cartridge carrier and mini tool (I believe it can carry a mini tool - sold separately)

Is it overkill?
And any experience on it getting wet and surviving?
open up the pump, clean the grits from the o-ring and slickhoney it? i revived a topeak racerocket MT for extra 6 months of use before more grits score the shaft beyond what the o-ring can seal. Now i stretch a thin o-ring on the body & cap of the leyzene HV flexhose to keep the grit out


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Thanks guys, looks like the one-up could be a goer.

I opened up the pump and cleaned it out.
I added some lube to the inside.
It's a little better.