Help..Giant Stance Vs Polygon Siskiu D7?


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$2k buys you a whole lot more bike on the used market than either of those options, that's where I'd be looking (though if I must choose, Stance purely because you *should* get better / more convenient after purchase service and warranty).


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Polygon looks much better in it's physical look, but hey looks mean nothing compared to functionality. I have no more to offer
I ride a Polygon Siskiu D7 and think it is the best value for money bike around. I did a lot of research before buying it and the only thing close in price was the Giant but the Polygon was still a few hundred cheaper. With that price difference I've upgraded the tires and added a dropper post and believe it is now a superior ride to if I'd spent that money on the Giant.

As has been pointed out, there is now a D8 which has great specs but is more expensive too. I'd have bought that if it was available at the time and my budget went that far.

I like that I could buy online. I went in to a Giant shop and the salesman just kept trying to push bikes on to me that were way out of my price range.

I decided not to go for a secondhand bike as was suggested to me because components would already be worn and also people were asking ridiculous prices for secondhand bikes. Much more satisfaction buying brand new.

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Thanks Clipless, I pulled the trigger on the Polygon. What tyres and dropper post did you get? Thinking the pedals might need an upgrade too.


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Can't beat polygon on money/savings. I have personally test rode the D7 and stance when looking for a new bike and they both felt pretty much the same in terms of handling (according to my limited experience). The giant did seem to have a softer rear suspension. Not sure if it was because there wasn't enough air in the shock, or just to do with geometry. However I ended up getting a longer travel bike in the end.

Only thing the Giant was better at was probably the after sale support and warranty. However, like mentioned above. The savings you made could be used to upgrade componentry on the Polygon which would then make it better than the Giant.

If you want lifetime warranty on the frame. Go Giant. If you are looking to just enter the mountain biking scene and then upgrade in the near future, I'd say get a cheaper bike so you can put the savings to your next bike/parts.

Can't comment on resale value for both tho. Perhaps the Giant may have better resale value?


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This probably wont help your cause all that much, but this is what i personally would do.

Try to save a few more pennies and see if you can get the entry model Trance.
If you pop into a few shops, you never know, it appears they are starting to reduce the 2016 models to make room for the 2017's.
Internet browsing is good for a base idea of whats available and kind of price ranges, but if you pop down to a local Giant dealer and tell them your story and budget you might be in luck if they have your size. Cant hurt, doesnt cost anything to at least ask.

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Got the Polygon and put it together today, there is a major wobble and rub in the front wheel - spew. Other than that looks good, new peddals and seat a must.


Hi Chooks,

Jono here from Bicycles Online. Can you give us a call on 02 8599 2209 and we can work out what is going on with the issues you have mentioned with the front wheel and get it sorted out for you immediately?
Thanks Clipless, I pulled the trigger on the Polygon. What tyres and dropper post did you get? Thinking the pedals might need an upgrade too.
Only just saw this today sorry.

Upgraded tyres to Nobby Nics at 2.35 wide. I quite like them so far, they definitely offer a lot more grip due to the superior compound and I enjoy fast downhills as well so the wider tyre helps.

I went for a TMARS dropper. It is the cheapest around and mechanically operated but it does the trick. I got the latest model which is supposed to be improved.

I've changed my pedals because I wanted to ride cleats. Took me a while to get used to but I really enjoy them now.