Here is Practical Explanation about Next Life, Purpose of Human Life, philosophical/religious facts, theories etc.


Heavy machinery.
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cats and dogs are also very selfish like you westerns. anyways leave it. but shifting burdon of proof is nice thing and im still selfish and you will not be finished in future.
Alrighty then, I was leaving this up for a good chuckle but you crossed the line when you started talking smack about cats and dogs.
We're about due for a laugh around here and seeing as you're taking no prisoners and condemning people who rattle your opinion cage then you can suffer the consequences. Feel free to rip in boys and girls. ;)
Oh and if you want your personal details shared with the law makers of this fine country, just keep on talking tough (even though you're just a useless irrelevant spam turd).

Nice avatar photo.

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Clinically Inane
this i dont have to learn from any random envious whore like you. and what knowledge your google has ? huh?

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everything from top to bottom hoax which are made by your rogues and theives in the guess of leaders so that there foolish leadership may go on.

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Eats Squid
Holy shit, Chops is back and he's not happy!
another falls victim to the dreaded Ice scourge sweeping the nation
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