holy snake oil batman, SC gone 27.5" crazy!


South Shore Distribution
just looking at the SC site

very few 26" bikes left with most of the trail/xc bikes now 27.5" or 29er

Highball 29er
Superlight, 29er
Tallboy 29er
Tallboy LT 29er
Solo 27.5
Heckler 27.5
Bronson 27.5

Blur TR 26er
Nomad 26er (160mm @ 26" for now....)

V10 26er (for now.....)
Blur XC finished, Blur LT finished
jumpy/slalom bikes still 26er



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Part of me hopes that by the time I get around to upgrading my Mk2 Nomad to Carbon, they'll still be 26in (and hopefully have introduce internal cable routing for stealth seatposts).

The other part of me is fully prepared for 26in wheels to go the way of the [insert obsolete item here e.g. Dodo, Dinosaur, Australian made Ford Falcon], and for 27.5 to replace them. Having not ever ridden 27.5, I have nothing to base this on other than a gut feeling.