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Does anyone want some bottles? Two overflowing milk crates worth, see pic. I would probably keep a couple for sentimental reasons. North Shore Sydney, or could bring to Canberra in Feb. All Euro style tops ie not twisties
Same offer from me but in Wollongong. I have a few more than 2 milk crates.... probably 200 -300L worth


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Same offer here in CBR...

All fully cleaned of labels and washed ready for sanitising and filling.

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Lol who doesn't have bottles? I actually disposed of most of mine but I've collected 1 of almost all the beers I've had in recent years. I was going to take photos of them, and dispose of the bottles and cans after, but my mate told me that there's an app for that, and I hate duplication. So I plan to check off each one on the app and recycle. If you use one of those apps, which one and why? Main thing is to list the beers I've had and see what the bottle looked like, not so much tasting notes or finding beers.

I will be keeping my NT Stubbies though. I'll have to put some of the Saison that I am making this weekend in one.