How do you maintain food discipline?


Eats Squid
They are actually pretty good* - them being based on almond not soy makes a whole lot of difference (e.g. the vegan Drumsticks are soy based and weren't that great)

*I haven't had actual ice cream in a long time


Wheel size expert
Yet again my diets been turned on it’s head. I’ve an autoimmune disease called Mast Cell Activation Syndrome. Essentially it means I need to avoid a huge list of histamine triggering foods. Doc is unsure if I’ll ever recover fully from a sensitivity POV. The last three years I’d been shovelling Spinach leaves and kefir milk down my throat. These are histamine release triggering foods and a solid no no. I’m now making everything from scratch. There is SFA I can buy outside the produce and meat section at the supermarket.

Plus side, I rode 64km on dirt last week. Three weeks ago I was bed bound.

The list of foods I can’t eat is a longer list then Poodles list of bikes he’s had stolen.

Dinner tonight:

Pan fried broccoli. Sweet corn. Caramelised red onion and cream sauce, with a pinch of GF flour, ontop a scotch fillet.