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Well, it's all his fault.

I loved my rune (Fancy Banshee) , but this came up and after riding my five I couldn't resist.

Frame - 2016 Orange Alpine 160
Rear shock - Fox DPX2
Front shock/fork - 2019 DVO Onyx SC
Handlebars - Chromag
Stem - DMR Defy 35
Headset - Hope
Grips - ODI elite
Saddle - Joystick 8bit
Seatpost - KS Integra
Front brake - Formula Cura 4
Rear brake - Formula Cura 4
Cranks - e thirteen trs plus
Chainguide - Hope
Chain - KMC
Pedals - Nukeproof horizon black
Front derailleur - lol
Rear derailleur - SRAM XX1
Front shifter - lol
Rear shifter - SRAM XX1
Cassette - XD GX
Front hub - E thirteen trs plus
Rear hub - E thirteen trs plus
Front rim - E thirteen trs plus
Rear rim - E thirteen trs plus
Spokes -
Nipples -
Tyres - Michelin Wild Enduro
Tubes -
Total weight - Boat anchor. 14.4kg

Whilst I loved the Rune, this is an Orange and single pivot is lyf.

Also a full kilo lighter.

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Dont you have to ride these things blindfolded or is it like the Panamera and ok unless you ride past a plate glass window?



Man, they barely change shape over the years. Good thing, they look fine, real fine.
One day I'll get me an older version


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