NSW I9 Torch Xd freehub


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Item: I9 Torch Xd freehub
Location: Sydney but can post
Item Condition: Excellent
Reason for selling: Shimano
Price and price conditions: $150 ono. These are $250 new
Extra Info:
Pictures: coming soon

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Eats Squid
Have you picked up Shimano driver yet? If so, where from?

I think I'll be looking for one soon for my G2 hub... Trying to stop giving money to the geoblockers and the HG options are the ones in my price range...


Wheel size expert
$250 for a freehub ... nice !
In their defence they are good freehubs. Full 17mm id enduro bearings and the pawls and springs to support 120 poe. The alloy is also much harder than what DT ($140) and Hope ($120) use.

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