DJ Ibis Ripmo v2


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Being a mere mortal my ambitions and capabilities are very different. I’m never riding blacks - period - I don’t enjoy it. I don’t do doubles or big drops so I am guessing the ripmo is not really for me.
Ripley definitely. @hifiandmtb is the expert here having owned both, but it sounds like you won't take advantage of all that extra travel and probably enjoy a slightly poppier and more nimble ride on a Ripley.

I bought the Ibis without a demo based on the reviews, and my experiences matched up with what I'd read on the big review sites. In hindsight the XL is a tad small for me at 193cm tall, but it's not a deal breaker, and sizing is better for the v4.

They're well made, threaded BB and no silly proprietary stuff, seven year warranty, nothing's gone wrong on mine (or anyone else on here that I'm aware of), DW link has a great bottomless feel (feels more than 120mm to me) and you don't see many about the trails.

A bit on the pricey side, and if you're heavier you might need a bigger volume spacer in the shock, that's about it.


Flying a Scotsman
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Ah, must be the sweep on the bars, looked shorter than fork offset at first glance.

Is that just because you had it to hand, or you prefer it like that?


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Re: my busted rim, just got this from LB:

As to your order 49100 for 1x carbon rim RM29C19 with us, the rim is ready to send now, but unfortunately we are informed that all of our orders could not be shipped by EMS now due to the international flight capcity shortage.

The coronavirus has seriously disrupted the smooth flow of goods by air, sea, and land. We are confronted with a capacity crunch, less predictable lead times, and higher shipping costs.

Air freight gets hit the most. According to IATA(International Air Transport Association), 95% of passenger flights (used to carry a large number of small items and mails) have been canceled and there is a 25%~30% increase in e-commerce. The demand for cargo aircraft is massively increasing, resulting in heavy congestion at airports. The shortage of labor in cargo handling makes the matter worse.

Our primary shipping partner for air freight from China (EMS) has been asked by our government to prioritize medical products and personal protective equipment. EMS is temporarily rejecting most of the non-essential shipments especially for the light-weight cargos ((including our products) to save up and make a little more flight capacity efficiency.

So it seems the only alternative option is to upgrade to FedEx.

The normal EMS shipping fee for a rim ship to Australia is around $30USD before things change.
Upgrade to FedEx, the extra fee will be $56USD ($86USD - $30USD)

Is it okay for you? I could raise an invoice (link to pay the upgrade fee) for you. Alternatively, you could cancel the order, and we would like to offer you a 10% discount for your next order when everything comes to normal in the near future we hope. Thank you.

Please let me know what you like to go, and please accept our deeply apology for all the inconvenience caused by the unexpected situation.
Fuck me they have excellent customer service. Information is key!


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Now try doing this with 114 cubic meters of goods and the airlines start silent auctions on their per cubic meter rate. Did it to me last month.

And qantas freight dudes call me from LAx in the middle of the night because my freight forwarder is closed and their email was set to a doomsday level response.

“Sorry mate can’t fit the 12 meter long boxes in, next available slot is 3 weeks time”

The next afternoon my freight forwarder calls me saying they are due in 8 hours.

If qantas can’t keep track of 12 meter long crates, baggage has zero chance.

I’ve a bunch of personal goods stuck in the US postal system. Nothing’s moving with just 5-7 flights arriving into Australia a day. Some of my items are stuck in California, some in Florida, since the first week of March. Can’t imagine how big the outbound freight piles are at USPS depots.