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Was talking to the guys from my local BMX club today, and they're really keen to get a class going for Mountain Bikes at Club Races etc....
So im posting this up as an expression of interest, if we get good numbers and people are genuinely interested then its most probably going to happen.
I know that the 4cross scene in australia isnt very big at all, and we think that if one track makes a class for mountain bikes, soon other BMX tracks will follow.
The track is in Hoppers Crossing (approx 30mins Sth Wst. from melb). I can get melway refrences if people want. Its a fairly new track, with some pretty decent jumps. They've only had 1 race meet so far, and the club are keen to give MTB's a go (me n my brother are members already). There will be an issue of Licencing for the race though, as it is a BMX VICTORIA event, however we think that day licences will be able to be arranged.
If all goes well, we might have a bit of a 4x scene. So yeh, let us know if yur interested. Dont know if any other clubs are in the process of doing this, but this one is definately willing to give it a go.

I reckon we definately need some sort of racing in between the 3month breaks between DH events. This would be perfect.

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This has been done in Western Sydney, it works and everyone has a good time. A suggestion though, occasionally run a dual or quad, slalom or compressor on the side of a local hill. BMX do not like off camber coners and downhillers can ride these well.

Eventually in the perfect world Cycling Australia would have the Road, Track, BMX/MTNX, Cross Country/ Endurance, Downhill, Trials/Freeride. All these would be at national level dealing with the clubs and not having state bodies but wouldn't that upset a few people in powers' little dung piles.


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Id race on occasion at a bmx track, but if it was a toss up between that and a proper 4x course i know which id pick.


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Yeh im definatly up for it. I would miss it. Sounds awesome. Ill come down from Ballarat to.


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Lilydale BMX club have been considering it for a while now, I was talking to some of the commity on sunday and there hoping to get some sort of 4x into their racing by the end of the year.


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yeh i frequent at Lilydale on tuesdays, for gate practice. Going tommorow actually. Lilydales been pretty good with lettin MTB's practice gates, some tracks just dont like it.

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yeah! i'd race it (if it was at a local track)! i bring my mtb to the clubbie races at my bmx club all the time, before and after the racing i put my bmx down and hit up the doubles on my mtb... it would be fun!
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yeah i'd definately think about it along with a lot of other riders if it actually happens