Intermediate to advanced MTB coaching


Hi folks,

Looking to push the next level. Does anyone have suggestions for MTB coaching in the ACT?
I’m looking to improve in all aspects of riding and leaning towards all mountain and enduro style. I have a focus on fun and safety not racing, but who doesn’t like going fast.

Google tells me the main contenders are Dynamic Motivation, who I’ve heard mixed anecdotes about, and Ride Technics, who are VERY expensive but seem consistently well reviewed. Interested in your experiences.
Could travel a bit to Thredbo or Sydney way with some notice if there is someone who ticks the boxes.

Happy to give more details or answer specific questions.



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We used BICP up here in Cairns... used to be IMBA. They are international...get a group of 5/6 together...cost you about $1000 each... they will fly out a trainer. Level 1 coaching is 5 days and Level 2 can be tacked on in 2 they are huge’ll learn heaps, be thoroughly knackered. You will come out as a Level1 or 2 Mtb coach...and learn tonnes at the same time.