ISI Advanced Bicycle Carrier Systems - Two New Positions Open - Come and work with us


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Demand for product has been brutal and I'd like to invite enthusiastic people who are into cycling and adventure travel to join the team here at ISI. We have two new positions to fill.

Production technician who operates metal working equipment and has a good eye for detail. Plenty to do and a variety of process so you will never be bored. Good fun too.
Order processing and dispatch. Good clean work pre-assembling bicycle carrier components, packaging and storage. Process orders and get the product out. It's always a hive of activity in here. A good proportion of our carriers are exported to fellow adventurers all over the planet so knowledge of export processes would be good - but not essential.

Good pay that is well above award, good people and when the weather is fine, we've been known to down tools and hit the tracks - just 100m from the factory door. I also reckon that we have some of the best coffee in Melbourne. Regular customer adventure trips where we load up the 4WDs with bikes and head into real mountain biking terrain - so you'll have to scrub up well from time to time and join in on the fun.

I don't care if you're 18 or 68. If you love cycling, feel that you deserve the satisfaction of contributing to a successful business and like to work with the highest quality materials and equipment then join us to deliver the best. 100% Australian and manufactured from 100% Australian materials.

It's not only our bicycle carriers that deliver zero hassle - it's right through our business. No hassle, get the job done and have a bit of fun along the journey.

We're based in the leafy Melbourne suburb of Templestowe close to the Yarra trail network so you can ride to work along the best MTB trails in Melbourne.

Give me a yell at and do your part to bring a heck of a lot of satisfaction to fellow enthuisiasts out there. There's a lot to live up to.

"I have your extreme bike carrier and love it. We regularly recommend yours as the only one to consider."

"Great rack. Still the single most awesome piece of cycling related product I've purchased."

Bike rack works a treat and its great to be able to get access to the rear door. And the ease of removal with the pins without having to take off the hitch assembly is really convenient.

"Of all the carriers I've bought over the years this is the best I've come across, simple, strong and secure. I can still access the back door with the bikes lowered and they don't need to be removed."

"Just Superb. The bicycle carrier design and engineering is every bit as good as the best from Porsche - but much much stronger!"

"I Love it!!!! I'm quite literally without adequate words to describe how impressed I am. And not just with the carrier itself, but the sheer number of comments and compliments I've received about the carrier and how fantastic it looks and performs...........and the BMW Dealership on King's Way where I bought the X5 and fitted my tow hitch has asked me to ask for your permission to recommend your rack to their other clients! They LOVE the quality and the way it looks on their cars!"


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Well, the adventure bug bit one of the guys and he's off at the end of this month heading to Darwin and slowly making his way back south. Slowly...

We need someone quickly to take his place. Full time or casual basis if you prefer.

A whole variety of tasks based around manufacturing steel components. Great if you've been involved with steel fabrication and know your way around a cold saw, grinder, linisher, etc etc. Yes, a broom sometimes too. Awesome if you have MIG or TIG welding experience but no biggie if you don't. We'll teach you to weld - properly using Australian steel and welding wire. You won't find an ounce of Chinese steel in our factory.

Give me a yell at please.


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Well it had to happen. Mountain Biking Australia Magazine ran a comprehensive product review of our Extreme Duty carrier in the Feb/Mar/Apr edition and since hitting the streets we've been pretty much stripped of stock of carriers and struggling to keep up.

We have a new casual position open for a welding technician who can turn out consistently high quality work in a production environment. Our production runs are hundreds of componenets at a time so ideally someone who likes to get the head down and be comfortable with repetative fabrication.

Flexible days and hours to suit your needs. Full time if you want. Keen to get the right person - particularly someone who understands the requirements of off-road 4WDing and a keen cyclist.

Please drop me an email at


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Hi Guys,

Back again with another new position in the factory to fill. International demand for product and the export side of the business has grown unexpectedly. Moreover with the way the Aussie dollar is going, it's not looking like easing at all so we're just going to have to try to satisfy that demand on a continuing basis.

We just put in another welding station fitted out with high quality Australian equipment and are after full time Production Technician who can turn out consistently high quality work in a production environment. Our production runs are hundreds of components at a time so ideally someone who likes to get the head down and is comfortable with repetitive fabrication. You *must* have strong experience with metal handling and operating a Cold Saw, Drill Press, Milling Machine, Linisher and other associated hand tools. MIG welding experience mandatory and Tig a bonus.

Full time but flexible hours to suit your needs. Based in the Templestowe factory but you may need to travel from time to time so a drivers licence is a mandatory requirement.

We are keen to get the right person - particularly someone who understands the requirements of life on the road and off the highway and a keen cyclist. Wages are well above award and a friendly work environment surrounded by enthusiastic people who are proud of the product that they create and the contribution that they make.

Opportunities for management and international travel in the near future if you have that sort of desire and talent. We're after people who want a career - not just a job.

Please drop me an email at

It's also pleasing to see an increasing number of international heavyweight touring equipment manufacturers getting on board with specifying ISI carriers on their customers trucks - which in turn creates more demand.

Awesome places they get too as well.

In other words, you'll be making a difference to the way people travel into some of the most remote and rugged places on the planet which is pretty cool.