Product Review IXS Flow knee pads

Discussion in 'General MTB Discussion' started by swaz, Sep 30, 2017.

  1. swaz

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    Item: IXS Flow Knee pads
    Purchased From: online
    Purchase Price (approx): $85 (I think)
    Usage: XC and light DH

    Pros - fit well and look nice. Kept my knees warm whilst riding in Derby in the middle of winter. Very easy to get on and off (have to remove shoes of course) not overly bulky when not in use and fit into my backpack. Venting around the back of the knee is excellent. They feel solid. Price.
    Cons - they do slide down ever so slightly and whilst on super boring pedal bits I can feel a bit of bunch at the back of the knee.

    I've not stacked in them and I do wear them whenever I ride DH/gravity or anything new. I ride for 4 days in them at Derby and barely even noticed they were there. Compared to my other pads which are Fox Launch Pro which are horrible to pedal in these are way better because I am more likely to have these on and therefore protected.

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  2. dynamitedread

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    I'm trying my best to look at pads but keep seeing the socks. Nice to get independent reviews though Good stuff. Hope there better than the trail skins, terrible pads. Cut my legs to ribbons behind the knees.
  3. swaz

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    They are deadly ay!
  4. BT180

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    Got the same pads and they're great. I can easily wear them on longer rides with heaps of pedalling. Super comfy.

    Interested to see how the updated version with the zipper goes in the comfort stakes.

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