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A guy in the Vale got a bit of stick for this, last year.

I drove past this in my tractor, and thought wtf is going on there? Didn't even realise it was Halloween. I don't follow crappy American traditions.

Yeah, thats not cool. Get your history right at least - in Australia we shot them rather than hanging them.

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Hell no - the little shits know to avoid my house because they get a lecture on how we are not fucking America ;)
I do the same but I do feel like it breaks some little kids spirit. I don't prepare for it.

Having helicopter parents escorting them sort of dampens the idea also. You can't blame them in case they visit the local crazy people or crack den.


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We were laid back but we are picking up idiotic ideas from the internet, mainly English speaking, therefore the great evil USA.
USA leads the world in some good but mainly stupid.


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