Little Things You Hate


I’ve had a few items rejected lately Because it doesn’t follow their rules. Yep. Fuc the Zuc
Yeah it’s funny what you get knocked back for especially in the groups but have a look through market place and see what others are posting, some are funny as fark


Níl aon tóin tinn mar do thóin tinn féin
I appealed, pointing out the context. No dice.
Watch 12 months worth of bargains pop up today that I can’t buy.
Don't know if you have been banned before but you go on a watch list and they analyse your posts carefully.
Usually after one ban, others follow for the silliest things.


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Zuck sense of humour.
Got me an FB ban in a discussion about Michelin tyres. Dude asked where I was buying mine. I replied jokingly....View attachment 375352
Alright it's late and I'm tired and feel like an argument so I'm gonna to have a go at defending the old hapless Zuckerberg on this one.

It's not news that the average discourse on FB is fucking atrocious, if not totally vile. There's plenty of proof of that in this very thread. They're also arguably more powerful than any entity on this planet (they have their own court to decide whether Trump kept his ban status ffs) and answerable to absolutely nothing. If they're having a feeble crack at trying to turn down the temperature and catching / banning users who are behaving like total c***s threatening violent behaviour maybe that's not such a bad thing - even if their net is a bit crap and catches stuff like this too.


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I get it 100%...but it clearly misses context...even after I requested it to be reviewed for contact.
The genuine threats and abuse seems to go unchecked everywhere.
The dude messaging me with threats against my family. If I reported it, they may block that account...but he says he has many. They aren’t going to track down and block all of them.