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That's the exact spot said roll was purchased, queue was shorter than that.
They do a great roll at Marrickville. I've heard Mascot also has some great ones. My winner till now is the crispy pork Banh Mi from Nguyen's Hot Bread at Canley Vale. You can be a connoisseur of cheap eats :)
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You're welcome.

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I didn't want to name drop, but since the day our eyes locked as you lined up for that most hallowed of baguettes all other ban mi have been unsatisfying. Thank you so much for ruining them.


what is a yous
bahn mi are tops, relatively easy to make at home too... pate, maggi seasoning....
fuck it has been a while....

pink poodle

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With your Chili collection there could be some interesting relish options.

One of my local bakeries does them well. I often go for a soft roll rather than the traditional crusty get up. It's a nice change of pace.

Dales Cannon

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I love a bahn mi but i dont do pate. Lots of funny looks when you ask for the deleted version. Plenty dont know it is on there too. Someone in the old office had a vego bahn mi, did you get them to hold the pate? The what? Guess not.