Little Things You Love


"I attempted to run this through Antares Auto-Tune on Pro Tools and now my computer is on fire and my wife left me."


Seriously though I've now started thinking about it: she's pro Jesus(?) but also sexualising Jesus, which pro-Jesus is not about. Nothing makes any sense anymore. Is she an off key demon? Or is this about to become the biggest viral practical joke ever? I need answers.
I take it as anti Jesus. Wasn’t she just at church to support a friend and the congregation judged the cuss outta her? I can’t really understand the lyrics well. Much like opera.


Call me Ken, whoreken
I don't know how the YT algorithm suggested him but I've been listening to him a lot lately. This is not my favourite song but probably one of the best that shows his full potential.
Yeah me too - algorithm brought it up a few weeks ago and he has done a lot!

pink poodle

Our man isn't in the West
Puddle's version of Crazy Train is pretty cool.

Yes it is! This was how I first learnt of him. I do wish he had paid tribute to Ozzy with those rrrrrrrrr sounds though.

LTIL - small pay rise of about $1 per hour. It's not much, but I'll find some way to blow that shit!