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Yeah fair, after Season 8 was when most of the writers responsible for the golden era left (including Conan O'Brien), but it still had some good times until Season 10. Blame Futurama for stealing of all of its glorious talent (and making something faaaar better!)
8 was golden. 9 was mostly excellent, 10 had many of the worst episodes ever made. I’ve maybe seen 10 episodes from series 11- what, 35 now? I prefer to remember it for what it was. Says ok boomer to self.


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No. It's the children who are wrong.

Touche. Still a funny episode though, despite the total wtf.
Almost nothing after about season 10 can be counted in Simpsons canon. It’s just random shite that has no relevance to previous episodes and no impact on future episodes.
I think it tried to become Family Guy. I don’t mind FG, some of it is excellent…but Simpsons can’t work doing that.

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It’s either Homer is slapstick stupid or Homer is an arsehole for no good reason. Family Guy.
I've not much family guy experience. My brother was into it and tried to get me hooked on New Zealand maybe 13 or so years ago. I tried and it wasn't for me.

I think homer gets stupider every year.


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Bojack, Rick and Morty, Archer and Bob's Burgers are all better than your boomer 'toons.

(jk, I love Futurama and Simpsons were great too.. )


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Family Guy was the best. Everyone has their own opinions, but for me Brian killed it.
Brian. Stewie. Chris. Meg. Lois. Oh, and the others.
Don’t get me started on all the 100’s of clones trying to be edgy animation.

edit. Yes, like those ones above.


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I got a friggen job! Got to get used to the 9-5 again but once up and running can do some days from home which will be good. Nice to have some extra income to buy bike parts err I mean pay bills. :D
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