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Discussion in 'Trail Building' started by Bucket Master, Jun 27, 2014.

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    Rest up, hope it clears up soon.

    Well I’ll be there still..
  2. droenn

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    Good day out - nice weather, soft dirt, cold beer. Will definitely keep coming to these after finally getting along to my first one. Cheers!
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    Thanks for your efforts guys, and sorry I couldn't make it.

    Here's an aerial shot from this afternoon:

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    Our last trail day was a massive success with 50 volunteers manning the shovels and making a good start to the rebuilding of Majura after the harvesting. See below for details of the next dig day and some other events coming up at Majura.

    Planet Claire Extension Trail Build - SATURDAY 13th October
    Come and help extend Planet Claire. We might have lost some trees but that just leaves room for more trail. Thanks to ACT Parks and Conservation Service an excavator has cleared a corridor and started to pile up dirt for berms. We need your help to shape, smooth and compact this in to a trail, as well as uncovering the connecting link trails in the compartment.

    IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Due to the National Capital Tour road bike race (see below) the ONLY access to Majura that day is from the Hackett direction. This is the nearest place to park to where we are building anyway. Meet at 0830 under the lone pine tree at the far South-East corner of Majura Pines. If you're not sure then ride down Planet Claire and continue past the cones down the roughly cut trail; you'll be able to see us for miles around anyway.

    Snacks and refreshments will be provided courtesy of Hackett IGA Plus Liquor. Hang around afterwards to enjoy a cold, post-build beverage from Pact Beer Co. Don't forget to bring:
    • plenty of water
    • food
    • gloves
    • sturdy footwear
    • eye protection
    See you on SATURDAY 13th!

    Mitas Terra in the Berra
    This holiday Monday (1st Oct), the Majura Pines will be hosting the final stage of the Mitas Terra in the Berra. The interesting and challenging course takes in most of the trails at Majura.
    For info about the race see their website:

    National Capital Tour
    On Saturday 13th October, Stage 1 of the National Capital Tour road race will be starting at The Truffle Farm on Mount Majura Road. Roads will be closed from 7am until about 4.30pm. Road closures include Lime Kiln Road, Mount Majura Road and Majura Road (from its intersection with Lime Kiln Road to the NRMA Service Centre at Majura Park). This means that there will be no access to Majura Pines via the winery gate nor the beginner area. The trails will be open but you will have to ride in from the Hackett side.

    Majura Pines Trail Alliance
  5. Jake-Hannah

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    Bombora Native Tree Planting - Wed 14th Nov, 5.30pm onwards

    ACT Parks and Conservation Services have given us 60 native trees to plant along the Bombora creek which will provide permanent shade and help stabilise the banks. They are even digging the holes for us! All we have to do is plant them. We are organising a busy bee on Wednesday (14th Nov) evening to plant the trees. Meet at the winery gate at 5:30pm, or whenever you can get along to help. 60 trees sound like a lot but that is only 10 each for 6 people, 5 each for 12 etc... Afterwards we'll enjoy a refreshing cold beer from our sponsors PACT.

    Spring Social BBQ
    Come along to a double whammy event of BBQ, bikes and berms on Saturday 17 November!
    MPTA is holding a spring BBQ to thank the trail building volunteers. We will be hosting a BBQ from 12:30pm at the MPTA container (it's on the main fire-road just down from the winery gate). Come along for a free sausage and soft drink. Bring a gold coin if you're feeling generous and throw it in our donation bucket to support more great trails.
    Canberra One Gear Society will be holding a social ride for its annual Auto Alley Individual Time Trial before the BBQ. Turn up at 11:00am at the MPTA container for a social ride see how fast you can ride Auto Alley.

    Planet Claire Extension Open!

    The new Planet Claire extension is now open to ride. This week's rain has helped but it's still pretty soft in places so go easy on the brakes in the corners.
    We have also opened the Shark Island return climb that snakes its way up the southern boundary back towards AJs Leap. The Pooklestein link to Sleepy Hollow and the other XC trails isn't quite complete. At the moment it spits you out on the fire road, but it points you in the right direction. Hopefully we'll get all these trails connecting up in the next few weeks.
    As usual, latest maps from our website and TrailForks is already up to date.


    Majura Pines Trail Alliance
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