Menai (Lucas Heights) MTB Park

Discussion in 'Phat Vids' started by Squidly Didly, Jul 11, 2017.

  1. Squidly Didly

    Squidly Didly Has Been Staff Member

    First time checking out these trails and all I can say bravo to the trail builders. Wish we had something like this on the North Side. Cheers!


  2. JTmofo

    JTmofo XC Enthusiast

    It's a nice little trail network there that the builders have put a lot of care and maintenance into.

    Nice little video too..... gimbal videos are just so easy to watch without feeling seasick!!!!
    I was waiting to see if either of you cleared the little double at the end of black hawk down tho......!!!
  3. Squidly Didly

    Squidly Didly Has Been Staff Member

    Thanks! Re: Black Hawk Down - we ran out of energy and talent by that point, but mostly talent!
  4. johnny

    johnny I'll tells ya! Staff Member

    However, I do note that your tyres broke contact with the ground numerous times, Squid.

    You've changed, man.
  5. Squidly Didly

    Squidly Didly Has Been Staff Member

    I thought I kept it pretty low and (wanabe) pro ;)
  6. SuchisLife

    SuchisLife Likes Dirt

    Done 5 laps of this little loop yesterday after work, such an awesome section of trail to session. Props to the builders.

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  7. pink poodle

    pink poodle Clinically Inane

    Nice vid. I have trouble interpreting this type of footage sometimes, a chunk of the ride looks like your coasting up hill! What are the trails here like? Steep? Jumps? Xc? Gravity? Comparable to neverbeen? I like to find new places to ride.
  8. Ultra Lord

    Ultra Lord Likes Bikes and Dirt

    Xc. Pretty flat mostly. Good fun, but you need a car to get there, riding from sutherland is pretty average.
  9. pink poodle

    pink poodle Clinically Inane

    Cheers for the heads up.
  10. Squidly Didly

    Squidly Didly Has Been Staff Member

    Relatively flat. We ended up doing 548m elevation over 33kms which also includes the commute from the car park.
  11. johnny

    johnny I'll tells ya! Staff Member

    For me the gimble takes away the shudder but it also takes away the contours of the trail. Sometimes the rider will be going over a rocky section or even a jump and you can't really tell.
  12. pink poodle

    pink poodle Clinically Inane

    Thanks for the info. This doesn't sound like I'll be making the trip. I note your location. Your local turf likely includes the few parts of Sydney I currently ride. I'm not so good at those climbs though!

    Do you ever watch any snow sports videos? It is even worse, kind of obvious i guess as there is a lot less contours etc to be seen in a glared out white field covered in white cloud...the gimbal footage is a lot easier to watch. All that shuddering gone is a nice thing.
  13. Nerf Herder

    Nerf Herder Wheel size expert

    did you enjoy the smell :yuck:

    its vertically challenged, but has got character in my biased opinion.

    Next trail, pending approval, is in some nicer but toxic bush :laugh: in the true spirit of 'Pimp Your Tip for MTB'
  14. Squidly Didly

    Squidly Didly Has Been Staff Member

    Agreed. I'm going to try and aim the stabilizer down a tad for the next one as there wasn't enough handlebar rattle in this position.

    Our local does have rougher and more gravity oriented terrain but it was a very nice change to be able to get a spin in without steep climbs or boring fireroads. I recommend checking it at least once.

    I enjoyed it (the smell, not so much). The only bits we found awkward were when we missed the signs and went the wrong way up "one way" trails. Will definitely be back!
  15. pink poodle

    pink poodle Clinically Inane

    Ok...I won't write it off, but I won't rush out there either. I don't need steep Downs to have fun and I see jumps and berms (that'll keep me happy) and I'm happy to avoid climbs! The one near the lake is a fucking killer. Maybe I hop off and push a little...

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