Mount Baw Baw 2011


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Here is the link to my photos.

I took in the vicinity of 800 but for some reason can only get 300 to upload.:(

So if you can't find yourself let me know and I will have to search through them all.

11/03/2011 Have got all the photos to upload and they are sorted into Saturday and Sunday sets.

See my response below to those requests for photos and I will direct you a bit.

Most of the riders in 100 I took side on so I can't see your plate but if you know your race order you should find yourself.
I think I got nearly everyone on their race run. (I got one of you Hux too). I had to delete some really blurry shots from early Sunday morning so what's here is it now.
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woody 14

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thanks for the photos. they are really good.
is there anymore of rider 630, wearing a black, white, red and green troy lee kit on a black sunday world cup?

thanks. Geoff


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sick as photos dude praying you have one of me :) rider 140 , white stars tld kit sat or green alpinstars kit sat bike is intense red 951 cheers harry


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Couldnt see any of me Whitie, number 42.... red one industries pants and a navy one industries windbreak, or matching jersey and a red sam hill d3 on a grey Turner DHR with red wheelset...


Mt Baw Baw photos

Hey Whitie have you got any of my son: Elite men #4, on a red 2010 specialized with yellow rims?

Tomtom Wyatt

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Hi mate,
Is there any of me, rider 34. Wearing the yarra kit. (the bright red and yellow and blue one.) riding an Evil


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Photo requests!!!

Rider 630: Saturday photo 043 Sunday 454

Rider 140: Sunday 396 & 397 (think that's you)

Rider 42 : Sunday 215

Rider 4 : Sunday 186 & 487

Rider 145 : Sunday 402 (think that's right)

Rider 34 : Sunday 024 ,207 ,482

Hope that helps guys :)


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Hey mate

Was only there Saturday.
Class: Vets
Number: 511
Kit: Blue TLD jersey
Bike: Red V10