mount stromlo camping for riders


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Hey guys,

I am looking to go away with a friend for some riding at mount stromlo within the next month.

Could anyone advise of camping grounds or areas to stay close to the tracks? or if anyone could reccomend any tracks to have a go at while we are there?

Any information would be fantastic or heads up of own personal experiences to which we can avoid haha

thanks guys,

Regards, Tim


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I have stayed at Cotter Campground . Its awesome , nice and quiet , no power if it bothers you but there are amenities . Theres a river / stream you can fish at or walk . There is a ranger box thats operated on an honesty basis , put your money and details in an envelope place in the box . There is a ranger station near a roundabout a few km`s down the road , nice people and will help you no end ( i got lost trying to get to a rocky trail event ) . This is where i will be staying at the next event later in the year .


I think the Cotter is closed for camping for a few more months at least due to the upgrades on the dam.