Narbethong VicDH champs.....bad crash


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Anyone hear how that guy Aaron is after his nasty off and busted leg?

Hope he heals quick. Cudos to the ambos and those who assisted.

Jaydawgz put up a vid of his race run when he comes across him lying on the ground on a fast step section.

I came off about about there too cause of the water ruts...should have kept left a bit more. I hit end of one of those big logs on the right edge of the track on the previous step after the back wheel slid in the rut. Got a nasty bruise size of a soccer ball at back of my leg, and a corked thigh. I was lucky. Just never know when something bad can happen.
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In that video his knee is straight, the bend in his leg is the break 0_o

He had surgery on Monday and seems to be coming along okay, already trying to get his hands on an XC bike for the road to recovery ahah! He cant remember any of the crash though...


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Been speaking to him a bit, he seems in good spirits regardless of what had happened. I think he may be able to go home from hospital at the end of this week? Like Theo said he's already keen to get back on it looking for an XC/AM bike to aid his recovery in the future.