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Hi All

A complete newbie but was fortunate enough to have a couple of mates introduce me to a bit of XC and took me onto a few local tracks on my 'kmart Klunker' and now cannot get enough. Need to obviously upgrade to a half decent bike and came here to learn as much as I can.



i'm ben and I love trail riding.I live in vic and I was wondering if there were any good spots to go riding
hey guys,

my name is Adam, I'm 17 and live in Melbourne and i currently ride xc but am looking at getting into a bit of downhill. Also if anyone's keen for a ride at lysterfield just send us a pm
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Hello everyone,

I've lurked these forums very sporadically since before the name change. Time to finally introduce myself. My name is Kane. I'm 33 years old.

I'm recovering from a knee injury and am stoked that it appears I can ride again. 255km so far and the soreness is going. Happy! :)

I'm mainly clocking up some endurance Ks on the cycleway at Wollongong at the moment and making the decision whether to go full road or something like a Stumpjumper so I can ride down at Jindabyne.

Bye for now,




I'm jet, I live in WA, I'm an old girl and I ride an STP, and a Giant CRX2 on my commute. I ride to work, do XC on mostly firetrails and finding the singletrack around the place.


hey, im adam, im from narre warren, been out of the riding game for a few years but keen to get back into it. for fun and fitness. (building a car in the shed leads you to drink lots of beer and get a gut! lol) iv only got a gt ruckus dj but i think it should do the job for some down hill stuff and help get my fitness back!

im hopin to ride in the upper beac and lysterfield area, so hope to meet some people with some knowledge of the tracks in the area!


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well i guess im new on this site although im on on a sister site called mtb victoria and need to get a new bike to do comp otherwise i have to stop ridin and i dion't wANT that at all

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n00bie shouting out

Hey all fellow riders!

My name is Mark, I've been riding for about a year and a half now and liking it more and more everytime i go out. I used to ride a Specialized XC bike but just got a pre-loved Kona Stab Deluxe. Im tryin to get into more of the downhilling but need to travel a bit to find some good tracks.

I live in the Redlands Qld and do most of my riding at Daisy hill forest and the surrounding bushland. There is heaps of tracks out there but im still looking for something new.

If anyone is interested in coming out for a ride on the weekend or knows of some good tracks i might like, please let me know


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hey i'm will and i'm 16,
i'm new to all of this, anyway I ride a dirt jumper and i am trying to find a downhill bike in my price range because I'd love to get into that!;)


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Hey, I'm Adam...I mainly ride Oakleigh BMX track on my mates bikes, but i have just bought a Cove Sanchez to rip up the local dj's! Looking forward to chilling here!


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Howdy all, I'm Digby i'm 40, 2 years ago I give up smoking & started riding my old Huffy to loose weight. I'm now addicted to MTB in every form.
I've just bought my 4th bike an 09 GLORY DH1 had it over a week but haven't got to ride it proper yet 1/2 hour ride back to the shop (not happy) forks not workin out of box.:mad: Can't wait to get it back.:D
Any how, the word on the street is rotorburn so here i am......;)

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Hey everyone!

I'm Mitch and my dogs name is Steve, he comes every where I ride to watch :D

I love riding and and always on my bike up grading and changing stuff, I ride downhill, 4x and I want to get a 2009 Norco Fluid 2 or 2009 GT force 2 for all mountain stuff but can't decided :( if you have a choice please tell me! :D

I have a Norco 09 Manik and just put triple clamps on it, so if anyone wants to know anything about it, ask me I could talk all day :p

Yes my dog is wearing sunnys, I think he looks cool with them and so does the general public too :cool:


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I'm a brit who stole away one of your fine australian women to the UK 10years ago. when I do spend time in your country its in the sydney, oxford falls, garigal, kuringai chase area... no doubt I've spelt some of those wrong.
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Hi, Im Rob, but "the hunge" to most. Im a bike messenger in the Sydney's CBD and enlisting into the Army. For work, I ride a GT Peace, which is still needs a few things to make it a sweet ride. On weekends, I ride my GT Ultra, which I love. Sometimes I do a bit of mt biking on my Scott MC40. I have done a few 8hr, 12hr and 24hr races, which I really enjoy doing and hope to continue to race once I get into the Army.

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