New to the world of MTB


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Hi everyone,

My name is Matt and I have just begun exploring the massive world of mountain biking. I live in Central QLD, where it's pretty flat but there are a few decent tracks in the scrub behind the town.

I bought my first proper MTB the other day. It's a 2014 Giant Talon 27.5 2. These are all the specs here:

And here is a photo of it :)
IMG_4697 (Small).JPG

I look forward to learning a lot more about the sport and spending a few more dollars on it :)



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Hey mate, well I've reading about 60km through scrub tracks and rocky dh sections, and I've never had the chain fall off


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Welcome mate. Biggest mistake I made was getting rid of the kickstand. Put it back on.
Then you won't need to keep leaning your bike against stuff to take obligatory bike pics.
If your gonna keep your reflectors on turn your flash off too. :thumb:


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Hahaha thanks guys. I must admit I didn't even realise that it had reflectors on it until my mate pointed it out in the photos :crazy: Anyway they are long gone now haha.

It didnt come with a stand when i got it from the LBS :eek:hwell: But I'll hit old mate up about it when I go back for its free service oneday.

As for the money spending well I've already started on that. Upgraded the grips to a set of ESI Chunkys, ordered a set of Wellgo MG1 peddles and fitted a Moon X500 LED light as I mainly ride in the late arvo/night after work .


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forget the stand mate. not needed and it justs add weight and noise. There is a reason why no mid to high end mtb's come with them