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Hey Rotorburn forum, I'm new to the site, and I'm not even in Australia yet.

I'm a keen mountain biker living in the UK, South coast. Been riding for about 5 years now, mostly XC but take on the trail centres when I can. Highlight of the year so far was a 4 day stint riding Afan in Wales.

So the reason for joining an Australian forum is because I am gonna be coming out to Sydney for work for about 6 to 9 months. I have no intention of stopping mountain biking for that long so I'm looking to get some idea on what sort of riding there is to be had in and around the Sydney area.

If anyone can suggest a group to join up with for some intermediate biking, that would be superb.

I'm looking to either bring my bike over, but would be grateful if anyone has some information regarding renting bikes or what the buying and selling market is like for mid to high end range.

Thanks for reading and look forward to any suggestions!
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Mate introduce yourself here if you're in North Sydney
Plenty of places to ride on the Northern Beaches if you're up that way and soooo much stuff if you want to go an hour or so in pretty much any direction.
You'll probably find the riding is a bit more technical than most of the stuff in the Uk and it may take you some time to get used to not riding in the rain.


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definately bring as bike with you, as luggage, cost free

heaps of riding here but nothing like it is now in the UK

check out the Blue Mountains while you are here, i'll give you a tour


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Thanks for the info guys, much appreciated.

Yup, I reckon I'll bring my bike, simplest option, just got to get hold of a decent bike transport bag.

I'll definitely take you up on the tour of the Blue Mountains, MrCove, a few folks have mentioned that area in a positive context.

Mtboer, thanks for the link, looks superb. S African by any chance?



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Bike Transport Bags

Check out these $99 Aus Dollars. What is that 20 British Pounds?

Torpedo 7 ---- is our Chain Reaction/Wiggle. They are New Zealand based.
Don't always match the UK shops but they are good.
South African? I'm a Scossie (Scottish Aussie) and the Meet Up site could be based in SAfrica but the Group is in Sydney.
BTW I'm in South West Sydney (Campbelltown). We have Mt Annan, Appin & Kentlyn (My pick).
Good Riding.