AM Nicolai Ion G15 GPI


Gearbox Frother
So just not enough Gnar in Alice to justify running that sexy EXT coil?
The EXT Storia is amazing, and I've just ordered a new spring for it and hoping to re-install it soon. Problem was a little bit of weight gain the original springs had me a little undersprung. Also, with how active the suspension is, and how low slung the bike sits, I've found it plays really nicely with just a firm spring rate from both active geometry and suspension performance point of view. Slowly losing weight, but trying to be careful not to burn myself out. It's a tough mental balance at the moment.

Or more you're not having to make that compromise in order to keep the bike feeling supple. It's amazingly active rear thanks to the unsprung ratios, and driving low leverage rate anyway (145mm of travel of a 63mm stroke). I did run it for a while in the high mode for a good while and it really is noticeable with regards to the ground clearance on pedals, but found that low mode with a stiffer spring (26-27% sag) no tokens (Vivid doesn't take them I don't think) is really what meshed with me for the bike.
It's not a super dramatic change between the two settings, although the lower pedals just really gives that "inside the bike" feeling and that is where this bike plays to its strengths. So much stability, low center mass right between your ankles, firm spring to press against and really force the bike into corners. When it's doing what it likes it is so good, that even with all the issues I've had with the bike (and there have been some real heartbreaking and hairpulling moments) that the frustrations are not only forgotten, they're worth suffering through in order to experience it.

There is a really good reason that the shortlist for another bike was a G13 or an Evolink 131 (or Bushmaster). The relationship with the G15 has been far from perfect, but the high points have completely made me re-evaluate what a bike should feel like to the point that I don't want to ride anything else.

EDIT: Apologies for the mini essay.

You fitting these forks to your XTrail?
I would if I could!!! Fun fact, the forks are worth half of what I paid for the car.