Nowa Nowa Trails?


Nowa Nowa

I rode there last Christmas when we stayed at Lakes Entrance. Good fun little trails, from memory there are around 6'ish trails that run from the trailhead, about 20km's. Nothing technical, but good fun and 1 really cool trail with berms and jumps. Essentially on the side of a gentle hill so you go up for a while then choose a trail to come back down on.



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I'm staying in Lake Tyers this week, and rode Nowa Nowa a couple of days ago. Here's my Strava data for the ride, which included everything except for the two short trails (6 & 7) near the start. A couple of hours of good fun. The climb is nice and easy. I recommend tracks 2,3,& 5 for the descents. Track 1 is climbing only.

Today I rode Blores Hill, a bit of a drive from here, but worth it for the flowy trails.

Last week I rode the Bruces Rd (Forestech) trails and they were pretty cool as well.

Early last week I rode the South Boundary loop...don't bother with this one.

All these trail maps are available from the Gippsland MTB website.


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Thanks Hungry Tiger. You're welcome.:thumb:

By the way, Nowa Nowa is professionally signposted. None of the others are. Blores Hill has some vague trail name/number markings though.

some pics from Nowa Nowa...

good signage

view from the top of the climb on trail 5
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and some sunrise pics from 90 Mile Beach.

Note to self and interested others: It's difficult to find sufficient hard packed sand to ride on the beach without getting swamped by the waves. Methinks that a fat bike is in my future though.


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So heres my pics, which look like the same ones that everyone else takes there - must be some choice photo spots! Overall it was good, better than I was expecting, with track 2 and 5 being the standouts. Long flowing xc downhills.

Worth a visit if you are in the area, theres nothing technical really but the trails are all in great condition and the signage is top notch. Would be good if someone put a guestbook at the trailhead.



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I had a chance to ride the trails up at nowa nowa last weekend. Had a bunch of fun.

Here is a video of Track No: 2 Jumping Jackaroo.



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Here's another Video from the Nowa Nowa mtb park. It's trail no: 5.