Official Old Mans Valley MTB Park - Hornsby


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Looks like another gorgeous day so fingers crossed, although not liking the look of the forecast over the weekend :(


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No doubt it'll be opened up just in time for the next batch of rain! When are we going to catch a break with this weather?? I think I got more riding in during the winter than I have this summer!


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This might help... I'm hoping by turning them upside down the water will run off faster

We did pass a guy riding out of quarry rd, there were also fresh tyre tracks and wet tyre marks across dry sandstone. But the synergy guys are currently still there doing track work so it could have been them testing or just a brave soul with no regard for the hiding they will cop from the yowie or others when caught.

On the other hand one fantastic individual driving an orange focus with a matching spec sx trail did the right thing and drove away on seeing the signs

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Didn't talk to the synergy guys but its the councils decision anyway. I mean it looked fine, but the boys are doing track work while its closed. So I don't want to rush them. Looks like some of the pump section has been made higher... Could mean some airtime for some and death for others ;)

As was mentioned previously. Long term these kind of closures will be less frequent. Once all the problem wet areas are rectified and the trail beds down more we should see less downtime after wet weather.

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