VIC OK, this is just old - but has _some_ new bits...


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Item: 2002 Da Bomb Molotov and whatever's left
Location: Wollert (Melbourne northern suburbs)
Item Condition: Mixed - some unused, some very used
Reason for selling: Funding a new commuter
Price and price conditions: Make an offer. Anything used may well be free. Happy to bundle.
Extra Info: Pickup only for any sales under $50. Can deliver to north/western suburbs.

I'll be sad to see this go, but I haven't ridden it in years (obviously) and it needs a new home where it will get the thrashing it deserves. I never jumped it (not like kids do jumps, or like the 4-cross and dual slalom this frame was built for). Put a decent back wheel on it and you're right to go. Saddle height is ridiculous because I'm too big for it and it was my only bike for several years. Might drop the saddle and put the silly tyres back on for a laugh...

I'm thinking about parting this out - as it seems likely I can get maybe $150 for the fork alone - the bar and stem are true classics, as is that front wheel. The headset and cassette are new. Am I dreaming if I ask $250 for it as is?

Functional Alivio 3-speed front mech. Currently running 2 x 9 with 22t & 32t plus a Saint bashguard I managed to wrangle on. Note the ISCG mounts, too.

Hussefelt on this side, RaceFace RideXC on the other - both 175mm and solid. Pedals bite (but spin freely), FYI.

Alligator rotors, 160mm. Crude but effective enough. Juicy 5s are OK if not great.

2003 Marzocchi Bomber Z1 - 5-inch travel, ETA and a lockout of sorts. Plushest fork ever. $150 if I have to part it out.

New Deore 9sp shifter. Azonic World Force bar and Shorty Deluxe. Bar $20 and stem $40 if I have to part them out.

Mavic D321 - getting rare. This one still runs pretty straight and true. FUNN hub, heavy gauge stainless spokes. Offers?


SDG Bel-Air saddle, good condition.

Azonic cockpit combo. I think there's a virtually new headset in there, too (maybe FSA?).

Mag trainer. Used a few times but unblemished. $50.

Talk to me peeps!

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Likes Dirt
Bump - now with prices for starters. Negotiable but I really don't want to split the bike up - if that happens I may keep the frame to build up again when my kids are teenagers....