AM On a big ass patrol

Discussion in 'Post Your Ride' started by skinnybeans, Nov 11, 2016.

  1. skinnybeans

    skinnybeans Likes Dirt

    So this arrived today


    2017 XL patrol with rockshox super deluxe.

    Weighed at 3.8kg on bathroom scales no idea how accurate they are.

    First 27.5" bike and first bike with more than 100mm rear travel. Should be fun!

    More to come

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  2. pink poodle

    pink poodle Clinically Inane

    I don't know why I expected this to be about cruising the beach front promenade scoping out big posteriors...but I did. The frame looks very nice. I believe you will be in for some fun times.
  3. skinnybeans

    skinnybeans Likes Dirt

    I think I found something

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  4. ozzybmx

    ozzybmx Likes Bikes and Dirt

    I'd eat that !
  5. teK--

    teK-- Eats Squid

    Colourway looks awesome!
  6. dunndog

    dunndog Eats Squid

    Sweet mate! Looking forward to the build. you will not be disappointed with this rig, super versatile. I have one too, still dialling the shock but it's very close and feels better than i thought it would. Can't fault the bike, and your paint looks rad! And fwiw, I've just been sent a bb/downtube protector from Rockguardz in the UK, that's the only fault with the frame imo, no protector.. probably more of an issue with a carbon frame than alloy, but check them out if you're after some protection there..
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  7. pink poodle

    pink poodle Clinically Inane

    Reporting for patrol sir!
  8. Mr Crudley

    Mr Crudley Likes Bikes and Dirt

    Oi, no Kardashian portly postieriors either please.
  9. bowtajzane

    bowtajzane Likes Dirt

    skinnybeans,your my type of guy.....
  10. skinnybeans

    skinnybeans Likes Dirt

    I've got an invisiframe kit to put on it so hopefully that will be enough protection. Was going to attempt to fit it today but was a bit hungover..

    So I just put my wheels together instead

    203mm front rotor and 180mm rear.

    DHF 2.5wt front, aggressor 2.3 rear both exo dual ply

    I've also got these things:

    Tempted to get a proper press to put the headset in with. Could also use it for replacing BBs on my other bikes as well but damn they are expensive

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  11. wkkie

    wkkie Likes Bikes and Dirt

    Looking good. Nice spec, but I think someone was a little too excited putting the front wheel together! Hopefully you give the frame a good wipe down after the full build..... :Banane16:
  12. Zaf

    Zaf Likes Bikes and Dirt

    It's a worthwhile investment if you have a Pressfit BB frame, so something you'll actually be replacing on a semi-regular basis. For just a headset, a bench vice with some wooden planks will do just as brilliant a job. I think in the past 4 years I've only ever had to replace one set of headset bearings (not the cups) and that was only because I didn't install a seal correctly and then rode her in some serious wet without checking it afterwards. Neat tool if you have one, but easily make shifted with a vice, or even some all thread, bolts and panel washers.

    Also, "Being a gentleman and scholar 101"; the first X on Maxxis in line with the valve stem.

    What are you planning on for contact points and dropper?
  13. pink poodle

    pink poodle Clinically Inane

    You need to step your patrol game up...border force is on a big ass patrol like a fat kid protecting the cake!

  14. Mr Crudley

    Mr Crudley Likes Bikes and Dirt

    True, the Chief Inspector Wiggum physique seems to have infiltrated the folks that defend our freedom.

    I'm not the fastest runner by any means but I think I would still be in with a chance over some of our more generously proportioned public defenders.
  15. Mr Crudley

    Mr Crudley Likes Bikes and Dirt

    Whatever that may mean, not that there's anything wrong with that, anyhow......

    A very confusing photo in many ways, but here we go.

    You can get a podium finish but also not win.
    USA,USA,USA U .. S .... errr............, U S Who..................


    It is important never to say no to toe.

    I think the degeneration of this thread is complete :tape2:
  16. bowtajzane

    bowtajzane Likes Dirt

    it took us long enough
  17. skinnybeans

    skinnybeans Likes Dirt

    Well I was setting up for success with the thread title!

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  18. skinnybeans

    skinnybeans Likes Dirt

    There are a few bikes between my bro and I that have press fit BBs. But yeah for now I think I might just go ghetto press.

    I've got a 50mm syntace megaforce stem and 780mm vector carbon bars. Think there are some Ergon grips in my spare parts box to use.

    Couple of spare saddles to choose from; fabric scoop or fizik trundra. They are in the cupboard because I found the scoop too wide when on my roadie and the tundra too narrow. Have a tundra on my pivot and it does ok there.

    Probably move some pedals off another bike to start with. Most likely xtr race ones... got some saints on my bmx but don't have any good shoes to use with them on an mtb.

    Really tempted by the 9point8 fall line 175mm dropper, but at $700 shipped it's a bit fucking pricey so think I'll just grab a 150mm giant dropper from the lbs for well under half that and use a shim as they only come in 30.9 I believe.

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  19. skinnybeans

    skinnybeans Likes Dirt

    Braking will be handled by zees. Got shimano on the rest of my bikes and happy to not fuck around with dot fluid.

    Was tempted by hopes but they only had the braided line ones in stock at merlin at the time and couldn't be fucked with those. More expensive, heavier and harder to trim meh.

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  20. pink poodle

    pink poodle Clinically Inane

    But they are hope.

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