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Step it up...get something with an xo in the name.
Philistine! They are both very respectable drops in their own right, but you prob have a point.

I don't anywhere near the quantity of.bodka i used to (ie a bottle at a time) but Russian std imperi and Belvedere were good DF purchases. For the love of god just don't drink let alone buy Ciroc.

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The xo is the beginning of the good times. Though I have found Hennessey to be a lot of $$$ for a small return in comparison to other brands, Remy xo being one of the big winners.


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I'm currently working my way through a bottle of Grey Goose VX.
It's been terrific over ice.


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Vodka. My other half is after vodka.

What's nice? Grey Goose? Belvedere?

I don't see the point of it so I know nothing.


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Absolut for the win. GG and Belvadere are all marketing and priced to make them look like an exclusive product. I read somewhere that the main drinkers of GG are people who want to look rich but aren't.


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That's Ciroc surely. Let's make a spirit out of grapes and call it vodka.

Edit: Russian Standard Imperia for me