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Our man in Japan
Dude, you are the largest coal port on the planet. Dredging is the least of our problems.
We are proud of it too! Really proud. In fact I'm often surprised there isnt a sign, like those tidy town signs. Might be a fun project.

The dredging is nicely visual, result of the coal shipping, not filled with toxins, and absolutely not linked to erosion issues at Stockton.

We used to have a late sign in town, the climate cam. But then it just got switched off, to save money. It was left on place for years. Just recently covered with local gov propoganda.


Sphincter beanie

And another big weather event is on its way:

"We are talking above 90 kilometres per hour for most coastal areas, probably with the exception of the Northern Rivers, but certainly the Illawarra, Sydney and the Hunter regions."Strong enough that they could bring down power lines and trees, according to Ms Kirkup.
Mr Kirkup said it is not not unusual to get a southerly buster coming up the coast with these sort of wind speeds.
"But with a southerly buster that comes up the coast, it does come and then it stops," she said.
"Whereas this is likely to see sustained winds during Monday."
With the wind and the waves, comes the risk of coastal erosion.