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The relatively recently-introduced "scrunchable" plastic bottles don't lend themselves at all well to reusing. They're too bloody thin & fragile, and tend to split after not very long. :mad: Whatever dickhead thought they'd be a good idea needs one stuffed down their throat.


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Pfffft it's just a Chinese gold war move. The barrier Reef is actually fine. Or better than's great.


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I was looking at videos on the new DPF burn for vehicles to reduce emissions



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If fires and general weather in the Northern hemisphere during our winter are a sign of what is to come in our next summer... we are fucked.
Yep. Not sure what rainfall has been like annually, my Dad's property in SA has had an above average soaking this year after losing half of it in the fires in 2019. If rainfall has been higher nationally maybe the fiery apocalypse can be staved off until the Summer of 2022-23.