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Another update:

The rapid increase of China’s coal energy supply began when climate change was common knowledge. Did richer countries do all they could to prevent this? They did the opposite: governments of rich countries supplied coal in exchange for cheap goods, while simultaneously attending climate negotiations, and they continue to do so.
Check out solar PV rates in China - it's an emerging green economy for sure:



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All this points to the fact that many humans are selfish and that the FF lobby will say anything to sell their stuff including blame the messenger ie school children and scientists.
The oldies will be dead before the full effects of Climate change hit and the youngies will bear the consequences and curse us.


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Hippie parents. I've been to a few rallys as a kid. We even took the family pooch once to an anti nukes rally with a sign for her that read "I don't want to be a hot dog" :p
The problem here is if you had been born into another family, you might be going to a maga rally instead haha!

On a similar note though, these kids got it sorted. Going to have a chat to my boss about taking Fridays off for protesting.