POLE Evolink Medium

Nerf Herder

Wheel size expert
Item: Pole Evolink or similar Pole in Medium please
Location: Sydney
Price range/Willing to Pay: You tell me
Extra Info: If you bought mine and still have it ... hit me ... but I dont care if its not the same.

I was overly emotional when I sold it ... and curious if the steep seat angle is the reason climbing is a death march currently ... as opposed to the daily napoleon and coke.

Appreciate emailing me on alan(at)linksports for more direct discussions if you can help me.

Alternatively, if you are in Sydney ... and wanna bike swap for a lap of Hornsby, I'd be grateful, and my curiosity appeased. Specifically the climb up from the DJs to the mid point and up the other side to the pool and down again thru Lava. I suspect I'm romanticising as I'm ignoring the obvious weight penalty of the frame (not the rider).

advanced thanks either way.

* Unable to regularly monitor this post apologies.