Possibly stolen stuff on bookface

Daniel Hale

She fid, he fid, I fidn't
Has anyone lost a Look MTB? Maybe it's a long bow to draw, but I reckon if I'd bought a bike like this I'd know the difference between Sram XX and XX1, at least by the weight of my wallet... And if I was selling it I'd probably include a few more details and lea out "up for grabs" from the ad title!
would love a look frame mtb, some cashed up peeps no nothing of diff between xx xx1, had a mtb mate ask yesterday what chain he needs to get for his 11 spd xt drivetrain, shimano or sram


Random Krishna
Given all of his Ebay rep as a seller, it's probably stolen or not even in country...
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Edit: And also been relisted (and reported)...
must have been taken down. "No Paypal" - that's got to be dodgy as fuck. I thought that offering paypal as a payment method was obligatory on eBay. you can offer other payment methods, but PP has to be one of them, AFAIK.