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Discussion in 'General MTB Discussion' started by kurtis1984, Jul 17, 2017.

  1. kurtis1984

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    Hi all, found a nice frame on the UK eBay site, but posting to Australia looks like it might be expensive. I was wondering if anyone has ever used a delivery service for less than 300 pounds (yes, that is the ballpark figure for online quotes I've been getting!). Any helpful tips are most appreciated.

  2. jbg

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    I've used for a frame recently
    Around £130 and was delivered in 5 days. They are a forwarding company and get corporate rates with all the big couriers. Dhl website quoted £80 more than dhl on forward 2 me.
  3. kurtis1984

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    Cool, I'll look into that. I've also noticed that some guys on eBay are promising a 50 pound delivery fee for UK to Aus with Parcelforce Global Express. Anyone had any luck with them? I went on their website and couldn't get close to 50, it was still more like 200 +.


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  4. Dales Cannon

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    Go over for a holiday and ride it back.
  5. jbg

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    If you see postage for £50 I would take it.
    It's the eBay global shipping program and legit, the seller has nothing to do with it
  6. dynamitedread

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    Sent a heap of non bike stuff over a couple years ago using parcel monkey
  7. flamin'trek

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    I've looked at these guys to get cheaper shipping on a new frame. Any idea if it is possible to get a refund I the VAT I would need to pay because it is now getting delivered to the UK?
  8. jbg

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    I would contact them to check. If it's been posted from outside the uk to them - no refund and they get a bit touchy.

    Shipping from EU I would use Shipito (air) or Shipporter (sea and takes 45 days or so)
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  9. fitzroybikeco

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    Try pack N send. I got a frame shipped from canada recently and it was way cheaper than any other option.

  10. flamin'trek

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    Supplier is in the uk, shipping to the uk forwarder then on to Aus.

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