Problem With Ad System and Tabbed Browsing


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I've just noticed that if I open, for example, two threads at once then click on an ad in the first thread I opened I actually get directed to the web page for the ad in the second thread. Despite being a bit annoying, I can't imagine advertisers would be too happy with this happening.

(I'm using a Mozilla based browser.)


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should be fixed, I've changed all the ads to target="_blank" instead of new.


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Sorry I might not have been really clear. What happens is if more than one page with an ad on it is opened, clicking on the ad on any of the opened pages results in the page linked to the most recently loaded ad in that position being opened. So clicking on a Gripsport ad might result in me being redirected to the Crumpler site.


I'll third that , the banner just took me to

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Kind of a related problem, sometimes when veiwing pics, i'll click the thumbnail and i'll be directed to someones avatar?!? :eek: