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Yeah the Meg was getting a bit bouncy. Was mostly noticeable on freeway expansion joints at freeway speeds, but a bit pogo like in the rear... The front was surprisingly good given how utterly ineffective the struts were, but did bottom out easily.

I’ll drive it the rest of the week and see how o feel about it. It feels very planted and well controlled, just too harsh for an automatic French Camry...


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I had an old Gen1 Liberty wagon that had this insane factory pneumatic airbag spring system - front AND rear.
There was a compressor, a control unit, pressure & return lines running front to back, an accumulator, ride height sensors etc etc.
It must have been pretty "wow" shit for 1993. In theory it was great because the idea was you could put any combination of warm bodies and gear in the car and it would self level & the ride height would be almost unaffected. For someone like me who uses a station wagon like a ute it would have been good.
Sadly, by the time I bought the car (one lady owner) the system was failing. The front spring bladders were leaking badly and it became dangerous. The compressor was running constantly.
I dicked around for a few months trying various things to try to repair it (I even injected green tyre slime into the bladders) but in the end I found a great deal on a set of low mileage Pedders struts & springs, so the air system was removed almost entirely, various bits sold off, and conventional parts fitted. I must admit the Pedders stuff was very, very good for a road car.....driven enthusiastically.

I've recently finished rebuilding all the suspension on my old Falcon ute.
It was all done with brand new parts at eBay (or similar) prices.
I left the stock springs alone because the vehicle was original specc'ed with one tonne springs - plenty stiff enough. I used SuperPro poly bushes throughout and ended up with Monroe rear shocks and KYB front because that was the best deals - it's not a race car. And I'd rather spend money on my mtn bike & my crotch rocket.
The old shocks I removed were hilarious. I've encountered more resistance from a wet rice noodle.
It drives really well now. Very neutral, possibly slightly underdamped at the rear, but comfortable and controlled.

Like others here, I generally detest standard (or rooted) suspension and have upgraded almost every car/motorcycle I have ever owned. (Brakes are another big one for me).


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I’ve found Euro cars to be pretty decent in factory spec. The Clio I had was a weapon with some sticky tyres on it - I tried eibachs in that too and they were in the car for about three days before the stock springs went back in!!

The Alfa looks very high in its ride height with pretty big wheel gaps - but the sublime way it handles and especially the way it deals with lumpy back roads at warp speed means it won’t be touched!!

I’m chalking this Megane up to a lesson in properly checking the shocks are actually rooted before trying to fix other things... I’ve had it since virtually new so I guess I got used to the slow deterioration of them.

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Manufacturers get occasional sweet spots in set up. The stock XR4 has one of the best ride/handling compromises I have encountered. Yet the ST that replaced it is harsh and doesnt ride much better than the Focus RS which is intended to be hardcore. I have been in three different AMGs and each of those were way too stiff for road use and the handling is poorer as a result, one reason why I went with the M. Interesting that the new head of AMG has decreed a better suspension set up for future models. The HSVs were good for what they were as well.

When I kill the shocks in the Mazda 2 it will get coilovers.

Every 4wd I have owned has been absolute rubbish from the factory. Too soft and underdamped. Some of the motion ratios are so bad that getting it right isnt easy. The 70 series is a nightmare. I dont even take them home with stock suspension.

It does help having a mate who is a suspension guru.


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OE springs back in the Meg and all is well again. Feels like the Alfa does a bit now, softish springs with firm to very firm damping.


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Not a good day... My DSP has a switchable input between 0.9 and 2.0 volts, and id read that if I moved it down to the 0.9 setting it was up the gain on the output and allow the amp to go louder.

But alas i allowed the high level converter to go up to 8 volts when i was making erroneous assumptions about stuff and fried the DSP. It also in the process of dying clipped the signal int he extreme which unfortunately was when the amp had its gains turned way up.

So in addition to killing my DSP I fried a pair of Rainbow speakers... Jury still out on the Dayton tweeters...

Expensive day :(


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Such a meh design, cute but sooooooooooooo conventional. And cheap looking, in parts. Plus bleedingly expensive.

The BMW i3 still rules the roost by a big margin. Aside from the lack of range.