Pub Trivia - AKA things that may be beyond the scope of Moorey’s knowledge

pink poodle

Our man isn't in the West
Who shouldn't be a naughty Eskimo? and for bonus points what did said Eskimo do with the dog doo snowcone?

I can't be sure how to spell it...

He ribbed the snow cone into the eyes of a fur trapper whom he had caught beating on his favourite baby fur seal.

Nanok-a-nano don't be a naughty eskimo.


Likes Bikes and Dirt
Nanook, no no
Don't be a naughty eskimo
Right eye would have been closer but good enough.
For those who are wondering what this is about.

pink poodle

Our man isn't in the West
I am just going to have somE wild guesses because I don't know.

Massive pecker?

Tiny pecker?

Extra nipple?

Missing a finger?

Extra finger?

One leg noticeably shorter than the other?