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One is the obvious one but I'll give bonus points if you use the local name. The other two are also named-peaks although one of them may be slightly damp in parts.

Dales Cannon

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Chimborazu, (sp?) because it is,
Chomolgunma, (sp?) because we have been told it is, and
Mt Superbus, because really SE Queensland is the world as we know it. Ie fucked if I know...


Maybe Hawaii (Mauna Kea - peak is something like 10km above the sea floor), Kilimanjaro (height above land around it?) and... let’s go with Everest as it is the highest above sea level?


veni, vidi, volanti
Keeping on theme, there are 3 mountains that could lay claim to the title of 'highest or tallest' mountain in the world.
Name them and give the reason why each is a contender.
Mauna Kea in Hawaii is the tallest base to to top, about 10,000 metres.

A tiddler compared to the tallest mountain in the solar system...