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aaactually Suzanne? My mum used to love Songs of Love and Hate. No idea why though....

edit: completely wrong, must have mixed it up.

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OK, I think I have worked it out.

Only problem is, I am off overseas tomorrow morning and will only have occasional internet access. So if I am wrong no bother. If I am right then someone else can have my turn.

Janis Joplin and the song was Chelsea Hotel #2



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@Comic Book Guy has it.

Nice article in Rolling Stone on the topic:

over the years, he began to feel remorse for kissing and telling. “There was the sole indiscretion, in my professional life, that I deeply regret,” he told the BBC in 1994. “Because I associated a woman’s name with a song, and in the song I mentioned, I used the line ‘Giving me head on an unmade bed while the limousines wait in the street,’ and I’ve always disliked the locker-room approach to these matters. I’ve never spoken in any concrete terms of a woman with whom I’ve had any intimate relationships, and I named Janis Joplin in that song. I don’t know when it started, but I connected her name with the song, and I’ve been feeling very bad about that ever since. It’s an indiscretion for which I’m very sorry, and if there is some way of apologizing to the ghost, I want to apologize now, for having committed that indiscretion.”

All I’ve read about the guy makes me think he was an absolute gent.

I was at this show when Rufus performed the song. I do like this version;



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How did Ghengis Khan die? There's a few theories floating around, so there are multiple answers. Bonus point for the year he passed.

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Crap... didnt expect that...

With the ashes coming up and a fair bit of T20 action going on at the moment, who made the first flight across the Pacific ocean from California to Queensland in 1928?