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  1. Having swapped inner Melbourne living for a tree-change back in the motherland (SE Qld), thought I'd better get my backside into gear & make a start on my home pump track. Thankfully being on 8ha I'm not short of space, but to start out with I'll be working with a 50m x 15m area. Having built 5 pump tracks in & around Melbourne over the 16yrs I was there, it's so refreshing knowing I'll be able to go to town on this sucker without annoying Parks Vic nor having to contend with run-of-the-mill knuckleheads. When I'm not riding Noosa, Gymp-town or Garapine (5min from my place), I plan to be turning laps on this puppy.

    Nice light & gritty clay blend soil so I won't be capping the surface. Little bit of excavating to be done in order to amend the slope at the one end, which will all be turned back in to the rollers & tabletops that run down the straight line. Can't wait to see how this all evolves over the next 12mths.

    10/7/17 UPDATE

    First dirt turned today.:clap2:
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  2. clockworked

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    thats cool! Keen to see your progress
  3. DMan

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    That's awesome man. We're looking at a property here in town (4hrs south of you though) on 1/2 acre that I'd to build a pump track around the boundary of. Will you accept visitors with beer for brainpicking...? -1C here this morning.

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  4. Brrrrr, I don't miss those kinda mornings one bit Dman!

    Of course, most welcome to pick brains. No beer required, but I may throw you on the end of a shovel:dance:
  5. Made the most of having the day off & got a heap of dirt shifted & shaped today. Even managed to get the bowl within the berm feature dug which will function as an uninterrupted way of alternating direction without stopping. It's all coming along nicely now & am happy with the progress. Looking forward to getting it packed down & wheels on it. Everything going to plan it may even be this weekend.

  6. schred

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    I admit to have only ridden small pump tracks, but that looks huge. How good is your fitness??
  7. Both my fitness & experience with pump tracks are pretty good, but yes, while being a track that will allow the rider to work up & hold plenty of speed around it, realistically I'll be impressed if anyone punches out more than 4 laps at a fizzing pace.
  8. Later afternoon shovel shave of the top berm & compacted the rhythm line. Was kept company by a particularly friendly Willy Wagtail.

    First test of the back line. Ghetto AF vid.
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  9. DMan

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    Looking good! I'll take you up on that visit next time we're up your way. I'll bring the bike too... Although my pump track skills are lacking....:whistle:
  10. For sure Dman. Meh, doesn't take much practice to get the hang of riding a pump track.

    The track's all but finished so have started re-turfing the backs of the berms & side of the tabletops & rollers. Got the oldies here this weekend so put the old man to work helping shift turf & raking the fall out for the drainage. Really happy with how the whole track rolls. Will upload a few finished pics when I head down this arvo for a ride.
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  11. Turfed berms.

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  12. More pics...

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  13. DMan

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    That is looking awesome. I can't wait to start the little pump track around the perimeter of our place once we get in. I've only got 3X40M boundaries to play with but I'm sure I can make something pump/skill based for a bit fun for my partner and daughter to play on too. I do want a table top in there though...
  14. pink poodle

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    Wheelbarrow lap required!
  15. Hahaha I like your thinking. Hmmm might have to host a wheelbarrow cup.

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  16. That's heaps of space to make a fun pump track Dman! Even if you only utilised the perimeter & had a 700mm tread width you'd be able to produce a very cool & very fun circuit.

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  17. pink poodle

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    I think D-man needs a figure 8. 2 monster berms with possible wall ride extensions, a 4 way table top in the middle, a couple of pumps either side, and then he would have some great left over space for landscaping.
  18. Went out & turned a heap of laps before I lost the light this afternoon. Really happy with how it's come together. Had already put in a dozen quick laps by the time I thought I should shoot a clip of it, so I was pretty roached by this stage. But you get an idea for how it rides without massive inputs or body language to build speed.
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  19. johnny

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    I'll bring the beers, see you the day my wife allows me a holiday riding the east coast trail circuit.......
  20. pink poodle

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    Looks like it has come together very nicely.

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