Recommend me a good rolling CX tyre


Eats Squid
Anyone want to recommend a good rolling, relatively puncture proof, 29er CX tyre?

This Schwalbe CX Comp is no more. It has ceased to be.

The CX Comp was good on gravel, but sucked on hard pack, and the rear tyre is showing signs of casing failure too.

Considering a Ravager in 38C or a Rambler in 38C, or even a Refuse in 35C as most of the bikes work is hard pack now.

Daniel Hale

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i’m a big fan of the challenge tyre range, something like the gravel grinder or the chicane, mostly flat centre with some side knobs for bite when cornering, similar to a minion ss in an mtb tyre...also had good long wearing with the panaracer gravel king - note it’s not for any kind of mud, has a smooth fast rolling version then the sk which has a small tread pattern, tubeless blows up nicely, never cut it either
maxxis & schwalbe don’t do many good cox/gravel tyres, seem behind the other smaller companies..almost no one runs maxis at cross, their mud wrestler is one of the worst tyres for muddy conditions


Likes Bikes and Dirt
I also have had Challenge Gravel Grinders on my bike for a while, had one puncture but it was one of those ride over a sharp thorn-like stick that would have got through most anyway. They roll fine on asphalt too.

Is the Rambler the WTB one? They look good also.


Eats Squid
I rate the Challenge Gravel Grinder tyres myself and I still have a spare new pair in 35mm. Spectacular sandy & hardpack tyre...but not a fan of rocks.

However, I've been running 28mm Pirelli tyres for the last couple of years. Mostly on rough blacktop but also our stony, sandy dirt roads and they held up well and handled quite fine.

I've just switched to the Pirelli Cintuarto in 28mm (it's also available in 26, 32 and 35 mm) and I'm quite impressed. It's heavier duty than the previous 4season velo Pirelli's so it weighs a tad more because it has a tougher casing and yet it still rolls fast. No tread pattern to speak of though.

A mate has just picked up a pair of Schwalbe Marathon Plus tyres in 28mm that look the business as always but at 530 grams per tyre...they are porky (mine are 290 grams).


chez le médecin
Your tyre is no more, it has ceased to be.
No its just pining for the fjords of Norway.
I use Continental Cyclocross speed 35 mm happy with those roll fast .