NSW Rockshox Monarch Plus RC3 Debonair MM Tune 216mm x 63mm

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    Item: Rockshox Monach plus RC3 Debonair MM tune 216mm x 63mm (8.5” x 2.5”)

    Location: Scotland Island

    Item Condition: Been used for about 10 rides. Excellent condition

    Reason for selling: Rode this while waiting for my fox float X to turn up for my Devinci Spartan. Selling off spare parts in the shed.

    Price and price conditions: $350 ONO

    Extra Info: includes eyelet bushes and reducers for 2016 Spartan. 8mm x 42.2mm and 8mm x 33mm.
    This mounting hardware may not be the right dimensions for you bike. Please bear in mind when purchasing you might have to source appropriate hardware.

    PLEASE MAKE SURE THE SHOCK DIMENSIONS 216mm x 63mm are appropriate for your frame before buying.

    Pictures: See below.

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  2. Odissius

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    Still available?
  3. Bikenerd

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    Yes. still available. PM me.
  4. Odissius

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    How on earth do you PM people on here now?
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    Click on his profile name and select "start a conversation"
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  6. Bikenerd

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    Thanks for that. Chat started.
  7. Bikenerd

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    Hey Mate, I've pm'd you to kick this off.

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