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Discussion in 'Trials' started by spikenet, Jun 26, 2017.

  1. spikenet

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    hey guys,

    just coming to terms with my inspired bike, its got magura MT7 brakes with 180mm rotors on it. I'm finding the brakes difficult adapting to, they are very on/off and while being super powerfull, doing manuals and moves that need that subtle modulation is challenging. So my question is, I've noticed alot of street trials guys are running 203mm rotors, will a bigger rotor lead to more modulation or the opposite? Cant complain about the outright power with the 4 piston calipers and 180mm.
    Also, the adjustments on the MT7 are dissapointing, lever feel is very wet noodle like and spent 1/2 a day getting anything decent bleeding them. The BAT adjuster seems to do nothing so for a supposed top-line brake I'm wondering if there is something I'm missing??

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    A larger rotor would need finer control at the lever since the braking force is higher across the whole range of pull. Have you tried different pads? Definitely go organic in your case. Also try winding the levers in and/or wind pad contact out. it will give more range of lever pull. Assuming you have such adjustments available.
  3. spikenet

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    had a chat to tarty bikes and they said pretty much same thing, bigger disc = more power, less modulation.

    Its got sintered pads so will look at organic, give them a try. Ive got the reach setup nice but the BAT adjustment, which I think is pad contact, really does bugger all. Guess my technique is not subtle enough to tell the difference :)


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